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Pedestrian Pedestrian

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Youre potential is way above average, although i dont believe for a minute this engine took you two days i do believe it was a good engine but it had some flaws. First off instead of having the character MC move you had the map mc move. This seemed to cause a bit of a visual problem for me because i like to know that the character can move his position. Also the pedestrians should occasionaly have a bludgeon of some sort. (lol i just said bludgeon). Also i dont know what kind of programming you did for the bottom right corner of the map but everything seemed to be dragged to it. Also there were some serious issues with the characters health and you either dont know or forget to put a removeMovieClip code in the bullets cause after you play for about a minute the lag gets enourmous even at the low quality. These are all just things that would bring this to the top along with you. For the compliements the animation was beutiful except the weapon pickup MC and Damage + MC. The Pause option is always helpful but the character MC was in a higher layer than the menu which causes visual issues. The actual idea is beutiful and continue in your long line of work. If you ever need help from a fellow flash programmer/animator just ask or message me.

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Delop responds:

it is possible for doing this engine in two days (only noobs take 2 months seriously) the character movieclip does move, i'm using a vcam to follow with ease on the character's movement. this was an older version of the game and I added = random(700), not random += (700). my internet is shut off and im using my friend's internet. the bullets are actually within the character movieclip and disappear without needing a removieMovieclip. I didn't animate the weapon pickup or damage shit cause im too lazy and all i want to do is script. The character is not in a higher layer, it is called a depth, and i do not know why the hell it is appearing on top when I set it so that it lower than the options bar. thank you for your time and review i lov u

Military Piranah Military Piranah

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice Work...

Man, i dont know if you made this or not because shit like that happens all the time on newgrounds with stealing flash. But, youre animation is quite unique and worked perfectly for the game and your programming could use some work but you dont always have to go in to games go into movies or work in league with someone else. Ill vote you a 5 because of your animation and the game is addictive to an extent so i like it. If you ever want to work on a bigger project than that message me ill do scripting for you or you could help me out.

Submission Simulator Submission Simulator

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not Bad...

I'll give the vote a 5 just to inspire you but you have some issues man. First off good job with the speed increase coding, but one major issue. Theres no gravity. If you slow it down to a complete stop when the cars are at the top of the lift they wont go spinning back down so its just one big speeding animtion theres nothing comprable about it everything is typed in nothing is off the map, but all people learn with time.

machinnnnnne (Ma-Sheen)

Z Ball - Original Z Ball - Original

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Your graphics need to be better but your progranmming was great which is mainly why i gave you a 5 on my vote your sounds were kinda gay and i hate dbz though so i dont think this is going ot be a hit but it will make it into newgrounds

KynetiK-27 responds:

excellent criticism, cheers.
im surprised you found my code greater than the art though, i still feel the code is a tad tacky
i really need to practice interfaces

penguin feast penguin feast

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I actually didnt find this that bad although i think you stole the programming from fishy, there is the chance that you didnt and youre not that bad with AS. Your graphics really need some work and the fish were all the same color i actually played it twice so it wasnt horrible but it wasnt great either good luck in the future.

P.S. the sound was just horrific really try to work on that.

kingmarsh2022 responds:

i did not steal the progamming.... god damn

test test

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wow you know that was actually pretty hot...

Bassically this has so much potential it's amazing espicially your fight system if you get better weapons... other than that good programming but on the graphics side they could use a bit of work.

Billbob840 responds:

thanks man, good 2 hear

Five in One Tutorial!! Five in One Tutorial!!

Rated 0 / 5 stars


Wow feel proud you took a code straight off every other tutorial thats pretty gay and you deserve no points becaue of that i mean a lesson on duplicating movie clips for bullets or hitests with walls to cause your character to nto go through walls might be better.

sk8erjames responds:

like I said it is a tutorial for who, NOOBIES!!! And that review made NO sence what so ever so just shutup

Flash Pro Tutorial v5.0 Flash Pro Tutorial v5.0

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


if you knew anything about flash his might be better. and you couldnt even prove it by making a back button

Cloudv909 responds:

Why do you need a back button? Read everything, next, read everything next, then if you want to read it again, review it. I bet 4/5 of all you people didn't even finish it, so how could you vote on it.